Athletic Center

Horseshoe Bend Country Club provides an unparalleled private club experience with the addition of a spectacular $9M 2-story state-of-the-art Athletic Center, surrounded by 3 swimming pools, 13 tennis courts, and new indoor – outdoor dining and social spaces.

Recognized by the United States Tennis Association, Horseshoe Bend Country Club's Tennis complex is ONE of only six facilities in the country that received the Outstanding Tennis Facilities Award, 2015.
Dining and entertainment at the Vantage Point Bar – all day swim, tennis, and weekly social events, fosters lifelong friendships and serves as the backdrop for life's most enduring memories.


Of the 13 rebuilt tennis court; 7 hard surface courts are finished with the DecoTurf Cushion system. Courts 1 and 2 feature a European Red Clay surface consistent with the playing surface at the French Open. Courts 3 – 6 are finished with a hydro blend green clay. All clay courts are crafted with a hydro court sub-irrigated watering system which provides a more consistent playing surface.

Adult Programs

At Horseshoe Bend Country Club we take pride in offering an elite adult program to players of all levels. This combined with the many social events create the perfect mix of structured programming and casual play. Upon joining, new members meet with our professional staff to ensure all questions about our tennis offerings are answered and that new members participate in the programs and play that interests them the most. From our morning adult clinics and leagues, to the Wednesday men's night and Friday night tennis social, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy.

Junior Programs

The Junior Programs at Horseshoe Bend Country Club turn learning into fun. These programs focus on the development of the junior player set in an exciting environment built just to size with 4 standalone 36ft courts for players 8/u and 4 blended line 60ft courts for 10/u junior players.

Recently incorporated, the Junior Development Pathway shows the clear progression through the programs allowing both the child athlete(s) and the parents to see the development plan for each player. Each program "bridges" to the next ensuring all players develop both technically, and tactically. Most all programs are taught in a lively action filled session establishing a sound foundation and love for the game.

Little Stars

Little Stars is designed to teach children rudimentary skills, coordination, and basic tennis stroke production. This is an introductory program for our littlest beginner athlete's focusing on basic strokes and motor skills. It's an important program to a proper beginning of developing the players skill set at the onset.

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars program introduces tennis to players from ages 8-12 and reinforces skills to those children who have previously taken a beginner course. This program teaches children advanced motor skills, coordination, tennis court awareness, basic tennis strokes and game situations using fun, modern techniques with just the right sized equipment and courts to allow children to experience a great deal of success. This is a bridge program to the Junior Academy. At this stage, players begin to develop court awareness and begin to refine their skills needed to start competing.

Junior Academy

The new Junior Academy program focuses on technique and development of each player with an emphasis on reaching goals. Junior's will sharpen their skills through consistently executing technique, footwork, movement, tactics and strategy with an emphasis toward tournament play, and to assist those who seek to play competitively whether middle/high school teams or a push toward college tennis. The coaches at Horseshoe Bend Country Club are experienced professionals dedicated to developing each and every player to their maximum potential.


Horseshoe Bend CC Tennis leagues and events are widely known and a distinguished amenity of the Club. ALTA and USTA teams at all levels call Horseshoe Bend home court. Our highly regarded Member/Guest, Club Championships and soon to be introduced, USTA sanctioned tournaments, afford every member an opportunity to play no matter their skill level.

Pro Shop

Horseshoe Bend Country Club offers a Full Service Pro Shop with the latest equipment, accessories, and fashionable trends in apparel. Our seasoned staff are available to offer advice on the latest products, and best fit for your game.
Try Before You Buy Demo Program allows for the use of a number of different racquets to ensure your perfect match. Re-stringing with the most efficient string for your game – our knowledgeable professionals provide personal attention to all your equipment needs.


Horseshoe Bend Country Club promotes a resort style atmosphere for everyone. The Swim facilities includes 3 pools: an Adult only pool, Junior Olympic pool, and the beloved Splash pool for kids 8 & under.
The Adult Only pool is not lifeguarded and all swimmers must be 18 years of age or older to use this amenity. This little oasis is a delightfully relaxing environment for all adults.

The Junior Olympic pool features a deep-end equipped with diving board for Gold Medal diver's or crowd pleasing cannonballs! Whatever your technique, members and their family will thoroughly enjoy this sparkling pool to cool off on those hot summer days. Open for recreational swim from 11:00am-8pm every day of the swim season.
The Splash pool is a zero entry pool with water features and slides for optimal child entertainment. Hearing the cheers of laughter and awe when the giant red bucket finally meets its dumping point, is sure to bring a smile to all!
The Mustang snack stand on the pool deck offers members a full food and beverage menu as well as other snacks. If members need to step away from the sun, you may enter the Clubhouse and join us upstairs in the Vantage Point Bar.

Swim Team

Horseshoe Bend Country Club is the proud home to our very own Mustangs Swim Team. The Mustangs practice and compete in the Junior Olympic pool daily during the week from May 9th through to the end of the season finishing just before July 4th weekend. Swim dual meets are usually held Thursday evenings both home and away.
The team consists of approximately 140 swimmers from ages 5 to 18. Little beginner swimmers and advanced competitors are welcome to become a part of Horseshoe Bend Country Club Mustangs.

Swim Lessons

For obvious safety reasons, teaching children how to swim is at the top our ‘to do' list. At Horseshoe Bend Country Club, we take safety seriously by exposing children to water at a young age setting them on a path to positive development. Swim lessons aren't just for children, but for all members at any age at Horseshoe Bend Country Club during the summer season. The pools aren't just to look at, but to be enjoyed by everyone. Dip your toes into a swim lesson and join in.

Water Aerobics

A swimming cardio workout is a great way to ease into exercising, especially through low impact aerobics. Water aerobics is a very popular program at Horseshoe Bend Country Club. With benefits such as strength and toning, balance and joint pain relief, building core muscle, water aerobics is for everyone with a program designed for every intensity level. Water aerobics classes are offered Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings during the season.

Pool Events

Our pool parties are epic! Events at the pool are lively events for the whole family with an array of great entertainment and games for the kids. Horseshoe Bend Country Club hosts a full calendar of pool events with various themes throughout the season.