Golf News

Course Update
Our final week of the course closure is finally here and the entire Golf Course Maintenance department is excited to open the course on Saturday.  We are working diligently to ensure the golf course is in great shape when it opens.  Last week was another great weather week for our new greens with lots of sunshine and high temperatures conducive to bermudagrass growth.  It has allowed us to lower our mowing heights to a more typical range for greens and we have sprayed our first growth regulator application to encourage lateral rather than vertical growth.  The greens should be rolling great by the weekend. 
Our cart path contractor has now finished all of the repairs and installations which has made a vast improvement as you travel the course.  Those areas are almost completely back-filled and sodded, with a few remaining holes to finish this week.  The grading and drainage project between holes 1 and 18 is now finished, and has made a major improvement to an area that was previously an eyesore and a hindrance to play.  Another project that will stand-out is the renovation of the restroom at 6 and 18 tees.  Plants were installed along with mulch and sod creating a much different look in that area.  This week will see the final touches of sodding, back-filling cart paths, and general course clean-up to present a finished and detailed product on Saturday. 

The restroom area at 6/18 tees:

Sodding the area between 1 and 18:

14 green looking ready for play: